Flushed Too Early - OK to restart nutes?

So I got a little impatient and probably flushed my outdoor plants a little early. I’m about 40 days from when my plants first started showing pistils – but now that I’ve been combing this forum I’m realizing that I’m not quite as close as I thought I was (breeder schedule said 8 weeks; and I have a fair amount of cloudy triches, but still pushing out a few white pistils). My plants are in 5-gallon smart pots, with fox farm ocean forest soil. Been using the fox farm nute trio since the outset – about 1/2 of the suggested amount. Today I probably ran about 3 gallons through each of the pots (typical watering is a gallon or less).

So my question is this: if I just start back on the nute schedule tomorrow, will that create any issues? Or am I better off just watering from here on out? I think I’ve got at least 3 weeks to go. I also have just a touch of powdery mildew that popped up a few days ago - in case that effects the analysis at all. Thanks in advance - this forum is awesome…just wish I had found it a little sooner.

Welcome! Restarting nutes won’t cause an issue.

Welcome to the ILGM community!

Awesome! Thank you very much - gonna give em another week or so of tiger bloom!

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Just a heads up if you do have PM you will definitely need a bud wash at harvest mold of any kind can have some pretty terrible effects on your lungs! Just a heads up didn’t see anyone else mention it.

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Awesome - thanks for head’s up. Yeah I was planning on doing the peroxide solution wash after chopping. Just found a little bud rot too. Ugh. I need these things to finish up!

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Are you indoor or outdoor?oh never mind sorry just saw where the thread was posted haha… well I’m sure you’re aware of prevention and how to deal with it when you’ve got it make sure you get it all cut out and be careful the spores can go along ways! Stay vigilant some would even say it’s worth it harvest a little early when bud rot shows up just to save a little more of that crop

Thanks again. Yeah it was just a couple of small areas and I carefully cut them out. I’m just going to be super diligent about checking them now and get as far along as I can. Thanks for chiming in!