Flushed out all taste & flavour?


Hi guys, I cured & sampled a head that I mistakenly broke off my mango smelling girl during late stage of flowering - it was fantastic, full of flavour & great HIT ! - I then did a 5 day flush with double the volume of water, then 5 days dry out period (outdoor plant so don’t enjoy dark period in my experience). Anyways I’ve now cured for 1 month & it’s not as pungent as the sample was & not as potent either - am I just used to it by now? :slight_smile: or has anyone also experienced this - cos now I’m thinkin i should do away with the flush all together with strains similar to this - please advise


Your not going to flush out the flavor
When your flushing your getting rid of extra nutrients so the plant is forced to start eating herself and use up stored nutrients and sugars
The flavor comes from terpeins in the tricombe heads
Most likely if youve been smoking it this whole time your getting used to the strain
The flavor will get better with a longer cure
I find that in my experience my end product doesn’t even reach near full flavor if its cured under two months
Like a fine wine it gets better with age @Terminator