Flushed out all taste & flavour?

Hi guys, I cured & sampled a head that I mistakenly broke off my mango smelling girl during late stage of flowering - it was fantastic, full of flavour & great HIT ! - I then did a 5 day flush with double the volume of water, then 5 days dry out period (outdoor plant so don’t enjoy dark period in my experience). Anyways I’ve now cured for 1 month & it’s not as pungent as the sample was & not as potent either - am I just used to it by now? :slight_smile: or has anyone also experienced this - cos now I’m thinkin i should do away with the flush all together with strains similar to this - please advise

Your not going to flush out the flavor
When your flushing your getting rid of extra nutrients so the plant is forced to start eating herself and use up stored nutrients and sugars
The flavor comes from terpeins in the tricombe heads
Most likely if youve been smoking it this whole time your getting used to the strain
The flavor will get better with a longer cure
I find that in my experience my end product doesn’t even reach near full flavor if its cured under two months
Like a fine wine it gets better with age @Terminator


Can some one point me in the right direction of simple curing. I am in mid veg finished topping at about 28 bud sites and just started lollipoping. I have started to keep the trimming (don’t know if it is worth it) as I haven’t tocked in 35 years. However when I get to drying and then curing the buds I would like to get something worth smoking taste wise? I grew pot in the late 70s but not since and the cultivation knowledge is vast and varied now with many oppions on all the subjects?..Thanks…


@Chungo welcome to the forum
here’s a link to a guide that you may like to read

When you harvest hang branches and let air dry 7-10 days the stems on buds should snap off main stem when they are ready to jar and cure
If you jar them early you run a risk of molding
Once in jars burp jars fir 15-20 minuets twice a day for the first two weeks and once a day fir third week
After that your humidity should be stable and off gassing will be complete you can vacuum seal and store
The longer you let it cure the better it will taste

Try to dry in a room where humidity is low around 55-60 % if its higher it will take longer to dry
Having a fan in room or tent circulating air is a must just don’t blow directly on the drying buds I normally face fan towards a wall
Humidity in jars should be in the 58-62 range if done properly a small hydrometer placed in jar aslo helps

Tag me if you have any other questions

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Thank… this sounds doable and not overly complicated…

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Its easy once you do it a few times it becomes second nature Woohoo
Happy growing :v:️CB

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