Flushed early,is it late?

Hi everyone. This is my first indoor grow and I feel like I might have made a bit of a flop as I tried flushing this time round, I usually don’t flush my outdoor grows. I started flushing when I noticed a few Amber pistils, trichs all clear. I’m aiming to get a 50/50 of Amber and milky. At the moment they about a 50/50 of milky and clear, I’ve been flushing for two weeks now, my sugar leaves have just started turning yellow on the tips. So should I continue to just give water every other day or should I give nutes for another week in hope that it will give more ripening time and then continue with water ?. I’m growing in coco

Do you have pictures? Coco being technically hydro, I would use closer to a hydro flushing schedule at the end. You could be starving your plant when it needs feeding the most!

Thanks for your response man,


Yes if I’m giving neuts I stop 3 weeks before I’m going to harvest flush plant really good then just water with ph water and the last week I don’t water

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Is the plant still showing white pistils? Or has it quit flower production? I’m interested because I’m in my first coco grow now. Hey @Wishingilivedina420state, what do you think?

Yea there’s white pistils on the buds just below the top colas all the way down to the main stem, I’d say 70% brown 30% white, and a couple new pistols pushing out here and there. I definitely started the flush rather early. Is there a way to prolong the ripening stage so that I can get at least some Amber trichs ?, the plant is yellowing super quickly

Thanks sirsmokes much appreciated bru, the problem is I started the flush far to early and I’m sitting with to many clear trichs and my sugar leaves have already started yellowing

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She’s still trying to flower. She needs some nitrogen and flower nutrients IMO if actively building bud mass. But let’s get @Hogmaster to tell you the right answer.

I was advised to add back half strength nutes when this happened to me. She’s getting her nourishment now from the sugar leaves.


I agree with @Laurap , had the same problems a while back, you may to go a little longer then you originally wanted but that only means more couch lock . 1/2 strength, and maybe humic acid to help with up take.

With all that being said really nice looking plant. Full of sugar nice job.


Thanks so much for clearing that up for me, you okes are legend, so i added nutes last night at ec 0,6. wasn’t sure of it though but I did it.Could anyone please help give a rough estimate on how long I should feed until I should flush again? Had a look last night, there’s still loads of clear trichs, they seem to take a while to turn colour

I’m using chemical fertalizers Hortimix a,b & mpk bloom booster. I can’t source humic acid and other cool stuff here in SA. But I do have some liquid kelp fertalizer not sure if it’s right to use that now. Is it safe to add organic fertalizer If you’re using chemical ferts or could they react ?

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Like @Myfriendis410 said, going to cost you on yield.

Kilp is a great fertilizer, mixxing 2 different lines idk I’m not big on mixxing different lines. I use Fox farm because they have everything almost for there line.

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Thanks a lot , much appreciate your feedback.

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