Flushed 5 times but still the plant is 85% green

I have one GG#4 autoflower almost ready for harvest as I’ve been flushing for about 10-12 days. 5 times flushed already but I’m still unsure of it’s time for harvest as the plant is not showing major signs of decay or discoloration in leaves. Any suggestions on what to do next?? Should I continue flushing? Or should I just check the Amber trichomes and chop it off in a couple of days?

How long has it been flowering, and do you have any pics? Just ordered some gorilla glue autos myself, so interested to see yours.

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Need to look at the trichomes! Do you have a 60x loupe or some sort of magnifying glass?


Not all plants will discolor. Pics would help a lot


Mr Grow It and Dr Bugbee talked about this topic on a recent podcast. Skip ahead to 41:23 if you just want to jump to the topic on flushing.

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You look to be getting some heat stress and foxtails from being so close to that light.

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Looks close to me. I’d harvest when trichomes are in the window you prefer. Foxtailing pretty badly.

@purplehazeinmybrain I’ve still got a little green left on my GG4 too growmie. I’m at 14 weeks and 6 days total and 8 weeks and 6 days flowering. Taking longer than I expected. Mines foxtailed a little bit so I lowered the intensity on the light and gave her some florakleen finally. I’d say she’ll be ready to chop soon as this dries. Ur girl looks great tho, definitely around that time to chop soon