Flush timing advice

High tokers, MY question is, do you start the flush as soon as your buds have reached your personal preference or what I’m not sure, I’ve got some baby’s about ready outside in Ky. Have been able to keep them dry with a tarp system, even keep the hurricane off of them, BEAUTIFUL. Chem dawg, ak 47 , Jack Herer. Wish I knew how to send pix

I do a major flush and cut all nutes when all the trichs are cloudy on the buds and I start to see amber on the sugar leaves. That usually gives me 2-3 weeks before the amber on the buds are at the right ratio for me.
I also do another flush about 5 days before harvest. At the same time I split the stem.


So you are actually taking samples off the bud for your all cloudy count and not the little baby leaf

I examine the actual flower for my harvest decision. Sugar leaves mature faster.

Ok , I’m going to repeat that. You wait till all cloudy on piece of bud, then flush for how long and with what. I’m trying flawless finish this time never used it, then in 2/3 weeks your trichomes are where you like them

And you also wait for amber sugar leaves

When buds are all cloudy, (maybe a few clear), and I see my first amber on adjacent sugar leaves, I flush with straight water. Usually 3x the pot size worth of ph’d water. I used to use a flushing agent when I used fox farms nutes, but now I use “earth juice” products and find h2o works just fine.
I check my final runoff’s ppms at this point. It usually drops to 300-400ppm after the flush. I will continue with more water until I see 300-400pm.
Then I just water for the next 2 weeks, and monitor the trichs on my buds. As soon as I see amber I do another flush, which will usually drop the ppms to 200ish. I then split the stem and harvest within 4-7days. It’s part science, part art, and part intuition.

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When you start flushing you flush all the way to chop-chop right sorry so stupid but I want to get it right this time, could have went 2 more weeks last year , messed up you go all summer and then FUCK things up in the last couple of weeks

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Holly Crap, I just haven’t got in the ppm thing yet, I’ve made a super soil the last couple of years but I let this year’s spoil ,wasted several dollars, I’m using fox farms ocean forest some bushwhacker and another I can’t think of and all my amenities azomite and such. I actually did a scrog on chem dawg, ak 47 and Jack Herer and I’ve got over a hundred colas that have just freaking gone crazy some 15 to18 in. and almost the diameter of a beer can I wish I knew how to send some pix I tried last year and it never worked. If some one could help me out in sending pix you’ll like these outdoor Ky buds 2018

Hey I figured it out. I thought I better throw out a pic of something else first. I’m going to get some good shots

Every grow is a learning experience for me. And just because it works for person it might not be the same for another.
I run 3x-5x the pot size worth of water through the container, slowly, until the ppms reach 300-400. Just one time.
Then just a normal water schedule until I see the first amber, then another 3x the pot size worth of ph water until my ppms drop into the 200’s (although lower is great). Then zero water for the rest of the grow. I split the stem the same day and wait until the trichs are where I want them.

Here’s couple of pix


Deliciousness right there! :grinning:

U still have loads of white pistils my friend. Dont rush it. She will swell for you more. What strain may i ask? And are u at all worried about the dreaded bud rot?

@Drinkslinger :joy::rofl::joy: i saw yall was having a hard time getting to each other. Thanks anyway for solid advice as usual :+1:t5:

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In regards to the flushing thing… yes. When ur pistils have turned brown. You start checking your trichs with a loupe (scope) 20x+ preferably 40x or better. 120x is PERFECT.

At around half cloudy… flush her. 3x whatever size pot u have. Slowly. But until she takes it ALL! Then u wait. And only water until the trichs are where u want them.

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Ak 47 , Chem dawg are the two in pix. Have two Jack Herer that are a little behind in size doing good though. I have a tarp system , the Bud’s haven’t been wet.

I actually bought a pretty nice microscope , I can keep an eye in them.

Take a peak. At the buds. The leaves trichs dont count because they will be ready before the buds. And u wanna smoke buds not leaves.

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I’m not n pots I’m in 20 gal. Holes in the ground with my soil mix, have excellent drainage