Flush starts tomorrow, thicc nugs and milky trics

Heyo, after asking for your opinions every week I finally made my décision to flush tomorrow.

This is a ‘quick one’ autoflower in her 15th week.

Harvest planned for next saturday then a week of drying !

I hope I hit the 100g mark but im low key confident ill get around 150 !


She looks good. Hate to say you’re probably gonna be shy of that marker though. Just dont want the dissappointment to hit you later. Looks closer to 80g possibly. This was 180g dried


Hey man dont apologize you might be right !

The only marker I have is my last grow, I got 84g dry out of her but had to cut off the main cola due to mold…
I still scavenged it to make cannabutter but im sure I was 90g+ on this one :

My current Plant by comparaison seems to have many more bud sites, but is slightly shooter (100cm when the one above, my first grow, was around 140cm)

Thats why I think ill be above 100g but idk


Good luck with your chop