Flush question sledgehammer

If I’m doing a week 6 flush with the fox farms sledgehammer do I do it on a normal watering day and do I give it flowering nutes immediately after or do I wait for it to dry out and til the next watering.

It’s a purple punch auto by seedsman indoor 3 gal fabric pot in ffof and small amount of worm poo

I’ve done it twice. Both time times when it was almost dry. Not totally dry. Make sure to let the sledgehammer sit for 15 minutes before you start the flush.

It take longer than you think. Allocate some time.

Normal watering day or nute day won’t matter. Nute day would be better as that’s where your ppms should be at their lowest. So less to flush out. After your ppm is where you want it. Follow up with a gallon of your normal nute mix

So what pour some of the sledgehammer no runoff let it sit for 15 mins then flush with just plain water right how much water if it’s a 3 gal pot

And do I wait to give it any nutes until the next dry and watering

Or do you mean let the sledge water mix sit for 15 minutes before giving it to plant

I mean let the sledgehammer sit in the soil for 15. And as for nutes, only your plant can tell you that.

Some give 1/4 feedings, some give water only, some give full feeding.

I’ve done water only after flush. And I’ve 1/4 feedings as my last gallon. Depends on how your plant looks.

I’ve used sledgehammer a half dozen times. I mix up a gallon or two of sledgehammer, using the 1/4 teaspoon/gallon as stated on Sledgehammer bottle, not the 2 teaspoon per gallon that the feed schedule says. I made that mistake once and did some damage to a couple plants.

I feed 1/2 gallon at a time, letting it sit about ten minutes between application. After final application, and another ten minutes, I start flushing with water. After two or three gallons I start watching runoff numbers and keep rinsing if they are too high.

Sledgehammer can do a number on your plants if not careful. I have a Fox Farm feeding schedule that suggests mixing their Boomerang when using sledgehammer to help plant recover. I eventually settled on using nutrients in final rinse (after you hit your runoff target) to get the plant back on track.

That’s for hydro flush. 2 tsp is for soil.