Flush or not to flush

Hey ppl I have a few questions referring to flushing … In the very begining of my grow hydro shop dude gave me a sample bottle of slf 100 because I pick his brain Everytime I go there he sees I have huge interest in this awsome hobby… so he puts me onto simple yet technical things to look up and research and all the things he’s mentioned or products he pointed me in the right direction (so far so good) tword but when I got the slf I I didn’t use it right away I waited about a month before I started using it when I really started wondering about this stuff to use a as a flush it’s the best I’ve seen some reviews on other products that are citrus based and some other inferior products and slf always top shelf reviews… I ran across a few statements of few ppl that use an little slf in every feeding/watering to help maximize available nutrients … I was doing this as a common sense thing I have a habit of doing and alot ofbtimes my common sense thing turns out to be a good thing in this case I haven’t herd much about it but I have heard only positive things . Using slf in every feed will help prevent build up completely and mid term flushing isn’t really nesecarry since Everytime your watering essentially your making everything soluable and available Everytime so it dosent have time to build up… Am I off the wall on this theory or am I on to something because I have been feeding heavy for a while now and have not had any burn any illeffects what so ever no deficiencies nothing but buds buds buds except one leaf set around every branch on my only WW ilgm on leaf one finger 2 toned the yellowed side looked like a hiccup in calcium or magnesium as I do not support either other than Flora nova bloom which

has a fair amount of both 4 %mag2%cal and tap water has trace amounts of both and I use a health portion of the feed to I use about 6mls/gal but … I know this is probably not the best thing to do but I dont see any burn or bad things going on so I didn’t stop what I was doing until today I did just tap water slf at about 2ml/gal and 2.5 tbs of mag. Sulfur. (Epsom salt) I don’t know why but I felt they needed a clean up before I go into my 4th week of flowering (day 22or so I don’t even remember exactly ) shame on me but hey I did this at about a double the amount of water likes mini flush with a magnesium soil boost to go back into feeding next watering and continue till last 2 weeks then super flush… Am I right about the slf if not Can someone correct me thank you

I’ve seen slf mentioned several times lately I just can’t remember where or who. It’s late now but I bet you’ll get some answers tomorrow.

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Oh shit it is late I’m on here rambling high as fuck smoking monster cookies lmao

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I use it but I think it jacks with the pH in my soil some. It seems to make the ph drop with time. I’ve stopped using it and am seeing if it changes. I also noticed a cal mag deficiency after a few uses. I’m wondering if cal mag is more soluable and is broken down faster by the slf.

Preformatted textweird right seen this before?