Flush or not to flush what's your take

Hello 420 family I am just wanting to know not saying this is what I do I just wanted to know if you don’t flush a plant and you looked at it and it’s ready to be picked do you waste the time and flush it properly and pick it a little late or do you just pick it you’re not worried about flushing

Flush it befor picking it allways

Agree a week Max to dry out, so no big deal.

A scientific study has looked at the claims behind flushing, even including taste.


They found it to not be beneficial to taste or potency.

Take from it what you want, YMMV.


Interesting. I watched this video this morning. It’s from greengenesgarden. Basically explaining the myths about flushing.


Thanks all always good info

@Bulldognuts do you do an end of grow flush mate? I’m leaning towards not doing one for this first grow of mine :purple_heart:

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I’m starting to lean towards feeding up to a week or so from harvest. Then going a week or 10 days with water only. The video that I put up earlier explains that the idea of flushing for 2 weeks will help flush anything out of your buds is a myth. The idea is to keep feeding as long as there’s growth. That it’s not beneficial to the plant to starve it for 2 weeks.


Oh OK so what you’re saying is that no point in adding nutes in that final week because the plant doesn’t have time to use it? Am I understanding you right?

Fl u sh 24 hrs b4 picking