Flush or not to flush autos

Hi, first time growing autos indoor. I’m coming up on week 8 and I’m not sure if I should flush my 3 White Widow’s. Used Coast of Maine Platinum in 3 gal. pots. Some places say flushing is not needed when using super soil others say to flush. If I have to flush is just one flush enough or should I flush and wait 3 or 4 days and flush again? Thanks

Just wondering if that’s week 8 from seed or since pistils first showed ?
Maybe a pic if you could too.
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Welcome to ILGM! That’s a good question and you’ll find a lot of people here willing to help out. I’m not familiar with growing in super soils, but I don’t flush at all. I’m sure other people here will pipe in with their answers soon.

How many days has it been since your plants popped out of the soil? Can you post some pics of your plants? Maybe some overall pics and a a few close up pics of the buds.


Unless you have been adding nutrients then flushing is unnecessary.
And you cant flush super soil anyway. Flushing is to remove salts built up from added nutrients. Super soils will not give up its nutes from flushing. They are always there in super soils.
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Edit…Found this on Coast of Maine website.


8 weeks since planted, sprouted a couple of days later. Working on some pic’s. Thanks for the reply.

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Flushing is not needed in any case, it is a theory that has not been proven.


It’s clearly an opinion of mine, but my flushing technique is somewhat unorthodox in comparison to others I read other techniques online. I will say this site has some great essentials, and fantastic literature, but at the end of the day, imperfect world, imperfect conditions.

That being said I have two kinds of flushing.

  1. PH balancing: throughout my grow if I get a major nutrient buildup, or just plain High soil PH. My following week is nothing but PH balanced water. If soil PH is really high, I will make my water PH around 5.8. Throughout the week as this happens the soil pH will start to balance out. If I need to, I will do this for a second week.
    At the end of the grow. I start weaning them away from nutrients three weeks before the end, gradually decreasing nutrient levels in the first week, then continuing the following two, with nothing but clean pH balanced water.

  2. Emergency flush: this one is where things get sketchy. Especially in flowering. This is really a last ditch effort to save your plant. I usually take it into a laundry sink, and run 2 1/2 gallons of water @ 6.3 PH. I’ve then set it above A strainer on top of a drain pan in my room. And hope for the best. I really don’t give this plant any water or food for that entire week. This is where cloth planters are great. Because you still get oxygen to the roots even though your media mass is totally flooded, they have excellent drainage.

Depending on soil types, Flushing may never be necessary, Except that final stage before harvest. I don’t know about you, but I think it is extremely nasty to take a big toke off of a pipe filled with chemicals.


i just completed my first ever flush. what a pain in the but. holy water usage.