Flush or not to flush autos

Hi, first time growing autos indoor. I’m coming up on week 8 and I’m not sure if I should flush my 3 White Widow’s. Used Coast of Maine Platinum in 3 gal. pots. Some places say flushing is not needed when using super soil others say to flush. If I have to flush is just one flush enough or should I flush and wait 3 or 4 days and flush again? Thanks

Just wondering if that’s week 8 from seed or since pistils first showed ?
Maybe a pic if you could too.
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Welcome to ILGM! That’s a good question and you’ll find a lot of people here willing to help out. I’m not familiar with growing in super soils, but I don’t flush at all. I’m sure other people here will pipe in with their answers soon.

How many days has it been since your plants popped out of the soil? Can you post some pics of your plants? Maybe some overall pics and a a few close up pics of the buds.

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Unless you have been adding nutrients then flushing is unnecessary.
And you cant flush super soil anyway. Flushing is to remove salts built up from added nutrients. Super soils will not give up its nutes from flushing. They are always there in super soils.
And btw welcome to the forum @70xlrt

Edit…Found this on Coast of Maine website.


8 weeks since planted, sprouted a couple of days later. Working on some pic’s. Thanks for the reply.

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Flushing is not needed in any case, it is a theory that has not been proven.