Flush or just water let it ride

Take a look at these pictures. 10 weeks auto flower GSCE. Thought it was light issue but yellowing seems to be prevalent. Last water was feed and output was like 1700. I think it’s a nute burn problem creeping up. I moved light up and was considering a flush and just water for the next two weeks or so. What do you advise to do. Tomorrow is watering day, she usually takes 2 gallons with about 4 cups of runoff.


You’re probably correct. I would go with ph’d water and see what your runoff looks like after that.

At this point what should runoff look like? I can flush and try to bring it down sub 1000. You think that is a good call? In the final stages am an wondering if that will make a difference or not. Wondering if she has some bulk up left in her or not. Other than the nute burn she is sticky as hell and smells amazing. I don’t need a huge harvest as this is my first grow and have not smoked in 30 years. This is a project and if I get 5oz in total it will last for a long time.

I believe that ur plants are getting there colours as they come to the end i could be wrong im no expert