Flush or Harvest?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have bubblegum and it say 64 days flower. Do u harvest at 64 days or u
start flush. If not what week do u flush if u do flush them

You harvest be reading the maturity of the trichomes. To do this, you need a 60-100x scope. Pocket magnifier, Jewelers Loop, Macro Camera, etc.

There are 3 stages of Trichome;
Clear: This shows that the plant has the vessel and potential to produce THC

Cloudy: The formation of viable THC in the vessel.

Amber: Mature, and decaying THC. You want anywhere from 20-50% depending on choice.

The less Amber the more of an up high; The more amber; The more Medicinal, and produces a “couchlock effect”

The 64 day rating is a suggested average. Grow techniques, length of veg, and environment can all play a part in shortening or elongating a finishing period. :slight_smile: