Flush now or change feeding?

A question from a fellow grower:

How’s it going I have an indoor of green crack and I’m using dakine 420 nuets and 4 weeks in and my leafs are Hella yellowing and looking burnt thinking on just switching to flora nova now hearing bad stuff on my choice of food when it comes to flower should I just do a flush now

Flush now for 1 week if nutrient issues. type of light used ? distance from plant ? Your plant will come out of it !!

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Ya I know they die off but they are like n burn. Kinda like an inch of the end of the leafs are burnt and I’m using gavita de 1000 at a 1000 four ft from plant they are hot light. But at the ends of my grow room plants are just fine only thing that was diffrent was they dried out good the other day leafs where saggy

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Definitely nutrient burn from you giving too much nutrients. Don’t blame the nutrient company lol, 99% of why plants die is because of human error. It’s ok though, happens to every one at least twice haha.

Flush your soil with 3x the size of your pot. If your pot is 3 gallon pot, then you want to flush with 9 gallons of water. But you better make damn sure each one of those gallons of water is correctly pHed or it will throw off your root zone pH.

After you flush, wait a couple days. You can add nutrients back into the soil, but only do 1/3 strength, or 1/2 strength of the recommended dosage.

And you HAVE TO get your tent air temps down. 80 during the day is ok, but 80 at night is terrible for the plant. Try adding frozen water bottles to the tent. It’s the easiest cheapest way to drop temps. Do you have any fans, or intake or exhaust vents?

Pretty sure I got it figured out to much salt skipped my flushes and my Temps r fine day and night thanks yall