Flush? Need advice

Ok, if i flush with tap water (100ppm)(8.0ph) do I need to add pH down? I’ve heard yes and I’ve heard no. Was going to flush for 2 weeks but unfortunately my exit exhaust from my portable ac came out of the vent and let light pour into my open flap. Yes, u guessed right, I have bananas popping up in my buds now. Cloudy/milky trichs on the bud. Some amber on sugar leaf. Wanted to shoot for amber on bud but don’t know the risk of letting things go on and the bananas mature and do damage? Thanks in advance. 8th wk of flower btw

I’ve heard of people plucking them off. But you would have to get them all. @MattyBear or @Myfriendis410 will know.

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Yeah, some are in there deep. I can see the tips coming out. Sucks, as soon as I seen this light green/yellowish color poking out thru with its odd coloring in contrast to the buds. I knew exactly what it was

Well I think you will have feminized seeds. but they may be prone to hermi themselves

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Its an auto. Will that happen if it pollinates itself?

You can try plucking the “nanners” off, BUT it’s hard to keep up and all it takes is one or two to mess up the grow. If you’ve got other plants near it, they too can be pollinated.
Once the plant starts pollinating itself the buds will rapidly go from sticky and fat, to dried out and larfy. The plant focuses its energy on the seeds not buds.

The safest thing to do is harvest ASAP. It may not be where you want it to be, but it’s better than nothing. A

Second is to try plucking the nanners, but check the plant repeatedly. If you start finding split nanners harvest ASAP.


Ty for the info. It’s the only one in there but don’t want the airy buds. She is pretty dense now. Almost 75% red hair 25%white. Trichs are 50%cloudy/50%milky. Some amber on sugar leafs but not the best loupe so could be on buds, just can’t see them. Going into 8th week of flower. Was planning on going one more week with nutes but thinking I might flush now for 2 wks.

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I can see the nanners. Pluck those boys off ASAP.

From what I can see you ideally have at least 2-4 weeks left.

What are your latest ppm runoff numbers?

Said she likes the nutes so I gave it to her. Run off was 1800ppm.

@1800ppm I’d just let her ride. No more nutes. Don’t flush just yet.
Give her another week.

Pluck the nanners as soon as you see them. Watch for sudden changes in your buds. If they look less sticky, harvest ASAP.

If they look like they’re progressing well, just keep going.

I’ve tried riding it out, but never managed to salvage one.
Right now I’m experimenting with a plant throwing nanners. If what I’m doing works I’ll be psyched. If not, nothing lost but time and effort.

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I plucked what I could see, hope there will be no replacements. But buds are dense, probably going to just no nute feed for 2 weeks and harvest. Nobody really answered if you needed to pH down tap water. 100ppm/8.0ph are the numbers from my tap water.

When I flushed, I’d use 3x-5x the pot size worth of water. If just water. The first 75% tap, the rest pH’d to 6.5. If using a flushing agent like sledgehammer or florakleen, I’d pH all the water to 6.5


Myself I don’t think I would flush but just water with ph’ed water till harvest

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