Flush gone crazy

Indica hybrid One plant in a four by four foot tent and it holds itself up ok.
Week 9 of flower and it has gone dormant .Mate suggested its time and flush it .Big buds and its a 30 litre pot with coco . Bought a TDS meter and commenced flush and I have 65 litres mixed up of water and flush agent…The EC reading is off the dial.So I flushed until EC reading went down low. The flush has nil EC reading on its own. 60 litres later the EC is all low and good.
Now the plant cant support itself two days later . The buds are fatter , we broke a stem and hung a few upside down to dry out for smoko. Fluid is coming out the ends of the upside down buds . Wow The huge big colas arent even 50 percent brown yet .Sooo do i need to give a little more 1/2 strength nutrient now.Before the flush they were less brown.Or keep the flush .Confused lol

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Pics would help please

OK man This has been a stressful few hours propping stuff up etc .I think or certain i had lockout . But the recovery is mad

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I would suggest feeding since you just flushed everything. Something like drykoolbloom would work great now. I grow in coco and you only need a flush to get your ppm on the low side, then just plain ph water for a week

Once the nute lock up is gone…plants will thrive and grow…muchly big.

Since you are “cursed” with heavy thick gooey buds…suggest you support the bud stem anyway possible. Bamboo sticks for tomatos work well. Support the buds and the plant will make more goodies than without.

Thanks mates I have Koolbloom powder here ready
I didnt realise the importance of reading runoff.
I was using a 4 part maxibloom to 1 part koolbloom.
The babies are supported with two stakes and cableties.
Two fat buds drying thru accidental damage. Will be good food

Tan the Man .One day recovery from what was a robust plant sagged and water logged from the megaflush .After stakes and cable ties, then next day its like IM BACK looking awesome needing a feed it hasnt had for a while . Ive learnt lockout. Plants are amazing things .The girl is back on Maxi and Kool bloom at reduced dose first .Im trying to research osmosis now as all this washout stuff went uphill into the entire plant.