Flush and tricomb relation

Ok ive just had my very first auto grow looks ok, question is now tricombs are milky with a hint of amber ive started my fush ive gotten my ppm down to 97 should i keep flushing or 97 ppm is ok to take her down? Second question is if i kept flushing would it hurt or help? Here are some pics of my first auto

. Thanks in advance !!


I can only answer this with very limited experience but can point you to a few that can help. All of my autos have went into at least week 13. I grow in coco so I can do a 5 day flush and come out about the same as a 2week for soil growers. I still see a lot of white pistors. that would tell me you still have at least a little bit more to go. But starting the flush now may get you were you want to be soon. I hear they turn fast once they start. Here are a few that will be able to give you a straight up good answer :grin: I would wait for an answer from some one who has grown more than I have.
@Myfriendis410, @MattyBear, @raustin, @blackthumbbetty, @Covertgrower This is just a few of the many that would be able to help you
Your plant looks great. Nice job. :+1:


See all of those white hairs? That’s telling you she isn’t done yet.

Amber will progress even with water only.

The growth duration is only a guideline.

You have a pretty plant and keep doing what you’re doing.


Charcoal & or cat litter in pan will help a little. You are using an exhaust fan, right?

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Humidity can be reduced with a small rotating fan.

Your Ladies still bulking. Have you introduced light bloom nutes?

The mfg advertised S2H time is very optimistic. Remember they are trying to sell and shortest time S2H gets more sales. Your results will vary with lights, temps, planting media and of course nutes.


Getting exhaust fan this week !

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Ok thanks !

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Check out Craigslist and offer up for a dehumidifier. You still got away to go but it looks really nice and healthy. I got 2 dehumidifiers off offer up for 60 dollars and they sold at Wal-Mart for 199 a piece good job and keep up the great work

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