Fluorescent vs Led for veg

I need some help. Setting up an area for veg stage. Not big. 3’H x 4ftL x 2’W. What lights do you guys recommend.

cxhome brand on Amazon I’d link them but I keep getting in trouble putting links. If I were setting up something like that this is what I would try they’re like $60 I think it’s a pack of 6 2’ strips

Amazon is an approved vendor. Post it up. You have never gotten in trouble for posting an Amazon link.

Best thing is to tag folks in if you aren’t getting traffic. I’m going to close your other thread.


@Myfriendis410 is there a list of approved vendors that I obviously missed? Are information sites (articles) that don’t sell things ok to link? I don’t want to be a problem. I flag if I see inappropriate content. If you can link to this stuff I’d appreciate it, the site is kinda difficult to find things. Thanks

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@Fishhunter was given the ok to link it here’s the ones I was talking about. I was considering them for side lights on the walls of my tent

Amazon and Dealzer are about the only two right now. You can link any website that is not selling things and you can certainly screenshot any website you want to show. You are not in trouble so no sweat. If you do see anything suspect: tag me. If you post something you aren’t sure of; tag me. Or any of the other mods like @Covertgrower @MattyBear @dbrn32 will all help.

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Yup keep it at all amazon linksor screenshots to be safe.


I’ve actually read that and I guess I more skimmed it. It was links inside my linked articles I’m sure now. Again I don’t want to be that guy you have to follow because I’m messin up all the time. My apologies I’ll be more careful


@PurpNGold74 I was linking just standard articles and they were deleted and I didn’t get it, but after reading the rules again I caught the adds inside the link is the problem. Then the other stuff I figured it was ok as long as it wasn’t sold on ilgm.


For example I am a fan of Horticulture LIghting Group. I can’t put up www. blah blah blah but I can:

Horticulture Lighting Group dot com and the model is a 550 Rspec. That is enough info to get someone where they need to go.


Yeah I’ve seen that done and I almost flagged it because it was a seed co. and thought it was a big d move to hide it in text


No harm no foul. We learning together. Everyone does it (except overachieving readers…)


Yeah I like the HLG’s. Really can’t get a better light (my opinion) tks.

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Actually; you are not supposed to post the url at all unless it is to information. dot com is not approved to sites that sell seeds and should not belinked unless the sale item is on amazon. No worries. Just wanted to avoid confusion. lw

SIDE Lights??? HOLY CRAP. why have i never heard that before. i wish i could just read on this site all day. stupid job…

Hahaha. I get my best forum time in on the job :joy::joy:. Its friggin amazing.

But side lighting is negligible. The way DB explained it (very loose ‘for dummies’ edition for yours truly) the hormones in reefer are the vertical kind? For a lack of better words… the growth is pushed towards the tops. Yes side lighting would beef up a bit of ur lowers, but barely noticeable and you’d do better applying that extra light to the top of the plant.

Which is why it’s only something I had thought about because for a little while I was seeing alot of people using under lighting but because I live in the desert I like to throw water on the floor of my room for added moisture so I thought wall lights and lookin at them was as far as the thought made it

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