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Hello guys. I need a little bit of help with my seedling that just sprouted today, she’s not opened up yet but she probably will by tomorrow. I’m planning to grow outdoors but only problem at the moment is the weather, it’s not cold outside but it’s cloudy all the time and i’ve looked up and it’s supposed to be cloudy for the next 3-5 days and obviously my baby is gonna need some sun. I’ve read today that pretty much any kind of fluorescent lights would be okay for the vegetative stage but I’m not sure about that so I thought i would ask here.
So my question is this: Would this kind of bulb help the plant in any way until the weather straightens out?
Any suggestions are much appreciated

I’m no expert but I know a thing or two about Cfl’s(Compact Fluorescent Light).
Yes they will work, But how many Watts do you plan on using? Is it just One Seedling?

This helped me out.

The bulb in your pic looks like a cfl. I have a few led bulbs that work well for me, but ive heard cfl are cheaper up front.

I have also read that an incandescent bulb thats over 100watts will work but im not sure I believe it.

Don’t believe everything you read, incandescent bulbs won’t grow you anything that is worth growing.
LED, and HID lighting give the best results consistently.
CFLs can give good results if grown properly.


Thanks guys for all the replies, i will probably go for the CFL 100 watt, as i said this is just temporary so hopefully won’t need to use a bulb for too long.

I will try and get the 100 watt one and see how it goes. At the moment yes, just one seedling, I’m experimenting( it’s my first grow ever)

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Update: just went out and bought this bulb, what do you guys think?

that lamp will do for your short term light problem. I grow inside and I always use cfl. You can get horticultural grow lamps ( that’s what I use ) from Omega if you need them in the future.

Take care.


Thanks Guys for all the answers :smiley: .

Oh yea for one sapling that bulb will do the trick.

Hope this helps

Fluorescent light is normally used during veg because veg doesn’t need as much intownsity as flowering does, and it could depend on numerous factors as to why you might choose a fluorescent light over a HID light, but none of them are specifically because the vegetative cycle requires this light over the other. In general you need light with more blue in it for veg and more red in it for flower.

6500k is slightly blue shifted, 5000K to 5800k is considered kinda right in the middle, very balanced, and 2700k is red shifted. Those are some of the most common numbers, I’ve seen 3000 and 3500k as well. Pretty much anything above 5000k to 5800k is blue shifted spectrum light and below is red shifted. Yes, in flower, using fluorescents, in general more 6500Ks are used in veg and more 2700Ks are used during bloom/flower.

Chlorophyll absorption peaks are 430 nm and 662 nm for chlorophyll a, and 453 nm and 642 nm for chlorophyll b. Chlorophyll b is not as abundant as chlorophyll a, and merely help in increasing the absorption range.

No matter the type of light, if you can find the exact specs for its lumens/FLUX per square foot (or the equivalent PAR for red/blue only LEDs) you can use this as a loose guide as to what you need as minimums:

Writen by MacGyverStonerScience Officer

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Update: hey guys, the CFL bulb seems to be working for now, my seedling looks nice and green but i want you to take a look at this. First of all, it took about 1-2 days for the leaves to open up and for some reason one of them looks like it’s been ripped off, take a look at this:

Is she gonna turn out okay?

Any thoughts on this are much appreciated :slight_smile:

Your soil is very wet. Let it dry out…this is your problem.
And yes she’ll be fine.
Oh by the way…welcome to ILGM


Thank you so much for all the support, i will let it dry out. I love this forum :slight_smile:

We are all here to help each other out. Lets fase it…we’re all into the same thing. If ya need to ask…don’t hesitate. Ok

B Safe

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Hey Will, i got another question for you mate, sorry if I’m stressing you out :stuck_out_tongue: . I wanna know what light schedule should i use for my baby, because atm i’ve had her under 24/0 light, but I’m thinking maybe she needs to rest ?
Honestly this is my very first plant i want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong.


Hey Bibjo22,

Your not stressing mevat all my friend. Now this is what I do and everyonr had his or her own ways y.
I leave them on 24/0 for a good month or so.
About 6 8 inches tall then illbswitvh then to 18/6

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