Fluorescence T5


I have a small grow room 4’ deep x 3’ wide x 8’ tall with an alcove on the 2 sides, 4’ wide x 2’ deep x 21/2’ tall. I have mounted 6400K T5’s and supplemental 6500K CFL 's hanging. I also have the bulbs to change over to 2700K for bloom.
Is this efficient enough to produce bud? I am trying to avoid a ballast due to Management (wife).


Yes you can grow pretty nice stuff under florescent only in that space. You neglected wattage/lumens/size of T5’s, you got the right idea red shifted spectrum for flower. You can also get phenomenal results with and LED rig in that space. Sorry I won’t recommend a brand, you have to do your own research or even consider building your own as most good LED brands are way over priced.