Fluence spydrx plus power supply pictures

Hi everyone. I recently started to rebuild the grow room that I had been working with to be able to get a better production flow and to finally utilize all the equipment I’ve been accumulating over the years. One of the pieces of equipment is a fluence spydrx plus that I used for a few rounds but when I had to start traveling for work I had to downsize the room and as the spydrx needed more cooling, fans etc I stuck with the hlg 550 and boxed up the spydrx. I pulled her out of the box a couple of days ago but there’s an issue with the power supply. At least I’m fairly sure that it’s my problem. I was hoping that there would be a kind soul on this forum who would be able to just take a picture or two of the internal power supply box and send it my way? I contacted fluence and of course the warranty is done and they want way to much for the repair process and shipping from Canada is ridiculous. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any assistance. Cheers .