Flowrings stage

I moved to flowrings stage 4th of Jan 2016 till today , 2 month and 10 days - please advise about my buds how far shall i continue on the flowrings stage ? I’m still using 400 HPS and 6.5 hp with 1450 to 1500 rpm of nutrients.

well the forums fail on upload so I can’t show you mine at 39 days for reference.


What strain? The flowering stage is generally about 8 or 9 weeks long.

A lot of the hairs on some of the pics look brown, those might be ready. But the top pick with almost all white hairs probably still has a few weeks to go.

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:dove:Get yourself an inexpensive jewlers loop cam for your phone, mine was 8 dollars on whatever.com you want from wherever.com you choose.

This is just a zoom in on my phone Day 40 Flower

You want look at the trichomes and then find out when you want to harvest based upon the ration of amber to cloudy to clear.
Clear = Speed/Energy…mostly speed for me
Cloudy= Euphoric and Uplifting wtih a touch of energy
Amber= “couch lock” Body relaxing …my favorite due to my condition.
Everything above concerning is subjective and based upon averages, individual physiology reactions will vary. I encourage you to journal the effects of different strains and learn their heritages, if possible the landrace from whence they came. When you have found it start there and then work your way to your own unique relationship with health and cannabis

The strain one of them AMSTERDAM INDICA Fem
And others BIANCA Fem.

Can I cut of the ones is ready and leave the others which required more time? Is it going to hurt the plants or its fine ?