Flowers in July

This is my first outdoor grow. It was my understanding that cannabis was a photo period plant, and that blooms would develop when the day got to be 12 hours long. But the day is still 14 hours long here and the plants are blooming at 13 weeks. Apart from the day length, do they also bloom when they reach a certain age?

If the bloom period was 8 weeks for these indoors, will the plants be finished in two months, or do they bloom longer when outdoors?


Cannabis comes in Photo period, and Auto Flowering. The Auto flowering plants will flower on their own time schedule, where photo period plants rely on the sun/light change to flower…

These are not auto flower plants. They come from seeds that have been grown locally for years.

So then you should be able to tell us all about them then

I am not to familiar with the photo plants, but I do know mother nature is very unpredictable and refuses to follow any of our schedules and rules. Flowering times shouldn’t change much though…

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the people who have grown them before. I assumed these kinds of details were common to most cannabis plants and would be well-known to the experienced community. My own ignorance is substantial.

The term photoperiod plant is a bit of a misnomer, as it is not the length of light that is really the cause of flowering, it is the length of darkness that stimulates the changes inside the plants.

Outdoors, many regular strains will start to flower with as little as 10 hours of darkness, and so this plant seems to be right on schedule.

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The important thing here is that you will enjoy an early harvest my friend :nerd_face:

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I agree with @MacGyverStoner. You should be ready for harvest in a few months. Looking great :+1:

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I started inside for

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Very much so, I got everything in flower already and its still 14 hours of light…

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It’s been 6-1/2 weeks since I posted my question, and the plants are near harvest. Trichomes are still milky, but pistils are starting to turn. So it looks like 8 weeks was about right for the bloom phase of these.


Looking good.