Flowers don't seem to grow bigger

Question from a fellow grower:

My flowers seem small and like there not developing well. This is my first indoor grow so it may just be the way it goes. Although they have been flowering for about 2 weeks and it just seems I’m not getting the development I should.
Its 3 pplants. 2 are in full bloom and one seems to be behind a couple weeks even though they all sprouted the same day. Nov. 28. Temp stays between 70 to 75. Humidity is unknown but stays at house levels. My ph is at 6.5 to 7 so I assume that’s on the high side. Their growing in a spare room with a carbon filtration system with good ventilation coming in and going out. They may just need more time. I just feel they are not getting the size I want. I’m using 1 1000 watt led and 2 100 watt led.

What kind of LED? As @dbrn32 so kindly pointed out to me, “amazon blurples” may not be putting out the actual wattage that’s advertised. I had this exact same set up almost, 3 plants under 1 1000w and 1 100w and it went like yours is going now. Harvested large but extremely larfy nugs. So it could be your plants just aren’t getting enough light


That’s pretty normal looking for 2 weeks into flowering.


2 weeks into flowering mine but I’m running a scrog so looks a little different


How high is you 1k above ur plants?

I would agree that your plants look pretty normal for that stage. How much floor space are you covering and what are the models of your lights?


Find out what your humidity is and get the PH spot on for the medium you are growing in for this stage of flowering. Some strains also take longer than others to develope in flower, they will probably have a spurt in the next week or so.
In saying all that they look great :+1:
I am at the same stage of flower and looks similar to yours.
Or what @ExpertNoob said regarding lights i see some taller stems stretching a tad, what do you think @MattyBear

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When did you start counting days of flowering? Once you switched to 12-12 or a week or two later after a transition period.

at 2 - 4 weeks of flowering they r looking great, right on track.!

do not expect much from the “1000w” blurple led,
like EpertNoob said… the buds will never get really fat and dense.
to get really frosty/dense buds it takes a great light and good care…

QB led, some COB led, CMH, and HPS r the best.
Blurple led’s do good for vegging, but fall short in flower.!