Flowers and leaves


How Can I raise it it’s at 24 right now


Get your temp down a bit & get a humidifier.


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Ok Any size


Yea those little ones for Vicks vapor rub for a cough for 19.99$ at CVS is all u need


Whatever size is specified for the size area you need to cover.


Ty so much


The smallest unit available is all u need u really don’t even need that


You could probably put a heat lamp over a bucket of water or a heating pad on a plate of water something simple like that look up a do-it-yourself way to raise humidity in a small area I’m sure you can do it for free honestly


All right I Appreciate that and will be going to get one probably tomorrow


From personal experience, to raise it 16% or more will take more than a heatmat, pan, and water, even in a small space. That will raise it 5% or so, but the evaporation is so slow with that method, it just can’t raise it much & keep up with exhaust and such.

Now, if he can make himself a homemade swamp cooler…he’d be in business for veg. That would cool his area & add humidity, so two birds, one swamp cooler.


Both of y’all have good ideas but I like the cheaper way I know it’s not always good to go cheep But I am going to look into both ways thank you both


Dry ice chamber?


Boil a pot of water right in front your intake lol


That’d work!


Though I was thinking about one that uses water, as well as ice, to add humidity as well as cool it down.

Here’s a mix of everything suggested

Add a heating pad under it for more evaporation.


Hey black if I get this What do I use to bring it up and down


You can buy pH up & down for plants. General Hydroponics, Bloom City, etc make pH up/down for our plants. You can also use vinegar or lemon juice for down, though homemade pH up is harder to safely find; don’t use baking soda, b/c it has a lot of salt.


Ok thank you so much for the help and will get it. Did you see the picture of the tester? And is it a good one