Flowering without reveg, seasoned growers help needed

My crop started flowering when the days were still getting longer in late May. After a week of leaving them outdoors, they started to reveg, which I didn’t want to happen. So I started transporting them indoors at night to keep them flowering. This worked great for the last month, except this last week with the holidays I’ve not been able to get my plants indoors and they have ended up getting 14 hours of light instead of 12. Since they have been flowering for a month, could I just leave them outside and quit playing god with the plants or will they reveg? Current daylight according to solartopo is 14 hours. Thank you for any help!

It would be best to have a consistent light schedule. Going back and forth can produce hermies.

yes, a huge concern, so should I just leave them out? They have not been indoors for 2 days now, so I am wondering if its a good time to just leave them or do i risking herming them or possible reveg?

Assuming you are in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter now. If you intend for them to be outdoor plants, I would leave them outside and let them go ahead and flower. It may not be the ideal situation you are looking for, but it is what you have to deal with without risking hermies. The only other alternative is to keep them indoors (with lighting of proper intensity) where you can control the lighting cycle. You are going to have to pick one or the other.

No, they have been outdoor plants their whole life. I had been bringing them indoor to my shed in the early evening so they were 12 hours in the shed and 12 hours outside in sunlight. I did this routine since early June and its become cumbersome to move 8 plants. I’d like to just leave them outdoors without bringing them back in the shed, but don’t want hermies or revegging. Its been over a month of flowering so I am wondering if anyone has experience with a similar situation. Were you able to leave them out without ruining your plants? Or do I need to continue my routine for a few more weeks till flowering is done?

No practical experience here… but I’d be nervous to change their schedule so drastically.