Flowering white widow/yellowing leaves

Ok , I have used the microscope and need some advice. Unsure about harvesting. I’ll post some pics, alot of my leaves are turning yellow mostly center stalk. Still using 10-15ml of nutes TigerBloom.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Looks fine. Leaves will begin to look not so great at this point in flowering. It’s normal.

You seem to have taken trichome pics from sugar leaves. Trichs on sugar leaves will mature faster than those on flower. You should be looking at trichs on flower and not leaves.


White Widow was a strain I started my indoor grows with and I’m real happy with it.

I harvested at 8 weeks (of flower) in the beginning. I let a few go another week or so and I found 11 weeks to be just right (for me).

You ain’t wrong. This is WW auto also.

Seeing some of these white widows makes wonder why mine didnt get the purple buds like the white widows ive seen

Mine went for ten weeks

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I can answer that one for ya, drop your temps ten degrees or more at night when the lights are off.


Light burn :fire:, check that top cola to see if it’s already finished in that amount of constant Dli , you can top it and let it dry and let the bottom keep going until they finish up and they will blow up a bit as well !