Flowering week 5 CO2

should i even add in co2 at week 5 it took this long for my co2 to get in and the plants are flowering i would say alright, what should i do wait and hang on for the next grow or use the co2 in week 5 threw 8

It would be best to start from the beginning of flowering, however CO2 is only effective if you have enough light, and your tent/area is completely sealed.


Is it the co2 bags. If so ive used them and from not uaing one to using one in a grow there is no difference besides the fact that u r also.growing mushrooms im the weed room. Lol. I just used the exhale bags but i really dont see a diff between using and not using the exhale bags.

thank you

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no im using the mini pro co2 bucket and have it hung in my closet grow, and no vents no air movement for it to work sounds really risky

Co2 is meant to.be used in a fully sealed room with high light output. If vented room u r venting out all the co2 that is being poured into the room. Co2 is for more on a large scale grows than small like what we all do


so maybe at night when my lights are off bc im running 250 watts in a 4 by 2 and it would be over 100 plus temps if I shut the doors while the lights are on and turned off my vents

how to get more co2 in the grow then?

Ambient CO2 is sufficient to grow quality cannabis. The reasons why extra CO2 doesn’t help the average grower are discussed above (lighting, nute levels, sealed room,…)


Current worldwide value is around 430 ppm.

CO2 requires highly technical system normally run in hydro to push high nutrient load along with insane light levels with sealed, climate controlled environment. If you don’t have all of these in place you are wasting your time.

No actual CO2 grower uses ‘exhale bags’ or baking soda or ferment buckets: they won’t produce meaningful amounts of CO2.


I have a co2 meter, on average in a tent with intake and exhaust fans it stays between 400 -500 ppm. I once brought my 3 heavy breathing English bulldogs into tent room while I had tent open and it shot up to 800 plus. The meter has a alarm built-in that can’t be shut off, it will sound alarm when ppm’s goes over 800. So I don’t even use it anymore. But I do encourage the dogs to sit in tent room as often as possible. :slightly_smiling_face::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grin: I just read what Myfriendis410 wrote and he’s correct, when testing meter outside it was reading 450. The point of all this is to say that the best way to get co2 to your girls is to try to get air from a room that humans or animals are in regularly.

Edit: I also used Exhale Bag and when measuring ppm’s with the meter it made no difference, I no longer waste money on co2 bags.