Flowering week 3

My first indoor grow flowering week 3

Using molasses 2 spoons to 5 ltr, any comments

I hate to say it, but it doesn’t look like you’ve got a very mature plant here.
The reason I say this, is because from your pictures, I see that you have a bunch of single finger leaves.
How big is this plant, just wondering. Is this an auto? Are you using soil? When was it planted, and what lights are you using?


4x100w + 425w cfl, had a oopsie burned the one plant by accident, still learning will eventually get it right… Using soil but had to bring one of outside plants in too cold here, but my smaller ones looks better…oo The Big plant is like 1.6 meter tall

Potassium boost?banana peal Npk 0 0 45
Molasses 1 0 5
Read it’s the right stuff any other ideas

Help will appreciate :seedling:

I have no clue lol, I’m at a loss! Could just be genetics? What strain is she?

Looks to me as though they just don’t have enough light.

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Buds are cool colors though.

Now that you say it, I just re read his posts and realized that most,likely his problem here. Not enough intense light for this girl, probably why she has a bunch of single finger leaves as well. Good pick up @rjw71

I believe single finger leaves are normal when budding is in full swing. His stick out because the buds haven’t grown enough to cover. Usually you can only see the tips of these protruding. From the buds.

Tried not to sound snooty, sorry if it read like that. :slight_smile:

I’ve only ever had a single finger leaf come from a monster cropped clone that was only a few weeks old. And all my leaves that form with buds are 3-5 fingers usually…? But ok, if you say so

Yup, I know what you mean. I tried to find a pic that would show what I’ve seen, this is as close as I could get. This one here right at the top had single fingered leaves. When I prune I get right in there to get the whole thing out.