Flowering way too early

Hi guys

At the start of August in Australia (first day of spring) I was given a small seedling that was about 2-3 leaves and in poor condition with litel soil in its starter pot

I planted it in a nice big pot with lots of yummy goodness and is sitting outside
It is grown to about 2 feet and it looks like it is flowering (until now it was being fed for growing not flowering)

My questions are:

  1. Is it flowering and should I change feeding it accordingly?
  2. Can I force it to keep growing as harvest time in Australia is not til May.
  3. Could the flowering have occured because it was planted too early in my books for an outdoor plant.

The origin of the seed and plant is totally unknown and am after advice on how to get the best out of this wee plant.

TIA xxx


Well, it is definitely flowering. It looks healthy, but, yeah, if she were mine, I’d be feeding for flowering.

EDIT: Any chance the seed was an auto-flower?


My thoughts exactly about it being an Auto


Definitely an auto in my opinion. Looking good!
Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I am uncertain but thought it must be an auto flower as it is only eight week old
It’s such a shame it’s so tiny will take your advice and change its feed for flowering…it was a freebie so have nothing to lose :grin:

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You may have just started early enough for plant to mature and start flowering on short daylight too. Happens here quite a bit when growers start plants indoors and move them outside too early.


Auto flower mate. If it’s flower and it’s not getting 10 ir more hours If darkness then it’s an autoflower and you can not "reveg " it. Best to start giving bloom nutes and enjoy the wee bugger


I was thinking that too…as it was a month before the equinox when it was still not much sunshine

From what I read there will be no way to turn it back to growing unless you have any ideas xx

Yeah who ever started it, planted it in August (equivalent to February in USA)

Considering it was 3 leaves high, wilting and yellow, I think it’s done well to get to a couple feet
Flower nutrition s will have to come out early for her.

She can go with my other weird plant that decided not to flower last year and is now 13 months old…I call her Gender Neutral tho she did attempt to grow some small flowers 3 months ago in winter…She is really a survivor ROFL :rofl:

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Plant looks great Stick with the Bloom nutes. She should Produce some nice big cola’s.


If this is a photoperiod plant the days getting longer should put it into veg. If it’s an auto flowering plant it should stay in flower.


If it is an autoflower (and that seems to be the case), it may now go through a “stretch” phase in which the plant gets noticeably taller and bushier.

Fear not! Autos can produce healthy yields. Plus, they are likely to be more resistant to insects, mold and rot that are hazards to late season flowering photoperiods. Plus, if you have more seeds, there is still a lot of time to plant more autos.

I grew nothing but autos this summer, outdoors, in Virginia. They were a smashing success.


Its a auto flower if its flowering early

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If you have a good light to put it under inside, then you could give it 20hrs of daylight and 4 hrs darkness a day.

If it’s an auto it will continue to flower and love the extra light, if it’s a photo then it should go back to veg :man_shrugging:

But outside I don’t know what If any thing ya could do…

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Alas I don’t know what it is as it was given to a friend who gave it to me as a three leaf plant nearly dead

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The million dollar question is which way to feed it…the days are getting lovely and long now…think I may feed it as an autoflower

I am a pure outdoor grower with no indoor lights
At the moment in Oz we are at about 14 hours sunlight and getting longer

It’s not really a million dollar question. I feed my plants same exact stuff from start to finish, and they do fine.

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I’d just give it a mild dose of whatever feed you have available and increase the amount of feed each time you feed to make things comfortable, if you start to see nutrient burn from yellowing tips of the leafs then lay off the feed a water or 2 and start back with a lesser amount.
But yeah man it’s most definitely an auto flower I’d say with the long days and it in full flower and all…

I actually don’t have much experience with autos at all.
This is the first 7 I’ve ever grew and they are about 6 weeks old…

All I know is they grow super fast! I :joy:


So I will feed it like it is an auto flower and give her all the good flowering nutes. Quality over quantity for this week girl xx