Flowering way too early, look funny

I gave a Gorilla Glue clone to a guy and it is already flowering. It is outside on the porch in good light, we’re getting 15 hours daylight right now. 9th of June in Michigan. His wife pinched the plant a few times to bush it out, and bush it did! The inter-node space is so packed tight it is ridiculous. And it’s only about a foot tall. Sure does smell good and is already sticky, but unless we can do something it’s going to be a runt.

He is growing in a 10 gallon fiberpot using Fox Farms Happy Frog, don’t know about the nutes.

Out of the same batch of clones I have one outside also and is growing about how I expected, close to 2 ft tall and branching.

Any Ideas what happened? Can we trim it way back without making a hermie? Let it go, let it grow?

Was there a change in light schedule when you gave the plant away? Were they outside the whole time when you had them? Or did you also have them under lights?
If the light schedule shortened when going from one place to another, this can trigger flower.

Lol… I’ll be darned. I just started a similar thread. Can we merge ours together??

Anyway, I’m following along to see what replies comes in. I think I’m about the same situation with early flower but not real developed bud sites.

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Before I gave them the clone they were under 18 hours of CMH light, cant tell you the ppfd.

They have had the clone about a month and a half, so about the middle of April all it had for light was sunshine. They would bring the plant in at night when it was going to frost. April up here should have been long enough daylight to prevent flowering.

Me, on the other hand, I’m just getting mine in the ground, we had frost recently.

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I also gave them a Jack Herer and an Acapulco Gold clone and they are doing fine.

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She just loves her new home and showing her appreciation! I love good surprises like this. I would roll with it and let her do her thing. I realise we want to prune snip and groom these into the ideal perfect specimen each time we grow. Play the hand that is dealt and you will win in the end. She looks well cared for! Enjoy.

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Seems like the change in the light schedule was enough to trigger flower in the one plant, but I guess not the others.
But, this is common due to phenotypical variation.

I agree with @4ftfarmer. Let them do their own thing.