Flowering Very Early

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“hey mate i live in the north west of Australia where its very hot and dry i have a problem every year where my plants go into flower way to early,how do you suggest prolonging this so i get better yield??there grown in my backyard more than enough direct sunlight (7hrs plus).”

You think they are auto plants and not photoperiod plants

If they are photoperiods they need more than 12 hours of daylight to keep them in veg. 7 hours isn’t enough.

@bob31 he may mean 7 hours or more solely in direct sunlight. @ILGM.Zoe can you tag the member so we can ask directly to get clarification?

hey guys that was me who has the flowering to early problem,thats 7 hrs direct sunlight plus get much more for rest of day of semi/patchy sunlight.its not just myself with this problem in my area where i live.Ive never seen a plant grow bigger than waist high[outdoors],i live in the Pilbara and thats the north west of Western Australia.the last two plants i grew were white widow auto fem with the seeds brought of this site.generally i/we use seeds just shared amongst friends…Any ideas would be much appreciated…CHEERS!!!

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@Chaddy if your plant is an auto plant, it will flower when it wants to. Photoperiod plants require 12 hours of dark to flower


ok so give it as much sun as possible,its just so hot here can i protect it with shade cloth??if not just keep water up to deal with heat i guess.

also not auto plant,cheers

i can place in sun for the 12hrs but so hot and hectic here,can i protect with shade cloth?or takes out to much sunlight??cheers