Flowering transition


Im using dynagro nutrients and I just want to get some opinions about nutrients and when to switch to the bloom nutrients from grow nutrients. I’m basically wanting to know when to start using the bloom nutrients some people say to use the grow after you switch two 12-hour Cycles until you see preflowers and then switch to bloom I was just wanting some feedback


I never make a switch, I keep it the same throughout the grow


Really? The dynagro grow formula through flower ? I have heard of people doing it


Not dynagro but general hydroponics…

I’m sure dynagro has a version you can do for the whole grow… A Lucas formula


I will check into it I’ve never heard of that before thanks


Lucas works with most 3 part lines by eliminating Grow and using only micro and bloom at stacked ratio to compensate for lack of grow. 1 part micro 2 parts bloom adjusting concentration accordingly to keep ppm right during each stage of cycle :slight_smile: