Flowering too long

I have been flowering for 6 weeks i had white flowers since week 3 now my plants dont seem to be budding looks to me like it’s starting to grow new leaves where the flowers are I may have accidentally bumped my timer and had light coming on when it should have been dark. I’m just wondering since it doesn’t seem to be progressing in the flower stage if I should just start over

What is the timer set to now? Pictures help a lot.
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Strain is ilgm cheese in hydro 5 gallon dwc bucket. 300 watt led light temps high 70s day temp high 60s night temp . My lighting is 7am to 7pm. Will upload pic when i get a chance

Be patient if there under 12/12 it will happen Some mature different than others

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If they are under 12/12 they should begin to flower again. When they are exposed to more light they will try re enter the veg, but should stop if they are under 12/12

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Thanks for the info i sure hope it’s not ruined .

A picture of the plant and affected spot or spots would help a bunch. Thanks
Also the bud does grow smaller leafs in the bud aka sugar leaf. And that’s good for cooking and other stuff.


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First picture is the middle of the plant and the rest are the top