Flowering too early, is there a way to stop it?

Hi everyone, I am growing outdoors in New England, I do not have much experience, this is my 2nd year. A week ago I transplanted one of my girls from my greenhouse to grow outside, and she does not like it. Maybe cold nights, I don’t know. But I think she started flowering. Is there any way to stop it? The plant is only 2 feet tall, I was hoping to grow a huge tree out of it, that’s why started it earlier. Not sure what to do now. Weather is getting better and days are getting longer. Will that change anything? What do you think?


As long as she’s not an auto shell revert back to veg as the days get longer. You should beable to get your big girl if all goes well.
Good luck…


Girls scouts cookies extreme, not auto

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My plant is only 10 inches , AN White Widow Autoflower, and has bud at terminal growth area and in the axis points, is this normal for this type plant? Temps have dipped into the upper 40° 's F. on 2 nights.
I have never seen this happen before.
Help can I save the plant?