Flowering times

if your growing during a normal 8 week flowering cycle in soil & the 8th week is the flush your soil week, How do you correct for a marijuana strain that flowers in 52 days since 8 weeks is 56 days? do you skip fertilizing in week 11 the ripening week or do you flush in the middle of week 11 & only allow 4 days for flush? im a newby by far but I dont understand or know how to adjust for that, & what about 49 days do you skip last 2 weeks of fertilization to start flush week??? please let me know what to do to adjust for that and for auto-flowering seeds, Thank you Scott aka SirSmokeALot.

Marijuana growing stages:

Germination Stage - 1-7 days
Seedling Stage - 1-2 weeks
Vegation stage - 1-2 months
Preflower stage -1-2 weeks (this is when you switch to 12/12 and THEN IT’s the time it take the plant to develope bud sites)
Flower stage 1-4 month (2 month being the norm)(100% Sativa strain’s = 4 mo’s)
HARVEST !!! hope this helps

Auto’s growth stages

Germination/Seedling / Vegation stages -week’s 1-3
preflower stage week 4
flower stage weeks’ 5-9

Flushing a plant takes 1-2 weeks and this is done 2 weeks before harvest, no nutrients during flush. So if harvest is week 11 consider a flush at week 9

Textbook flushing times:
Chemical nutrient’s flush plant for 4 weeks
organic nutrients flush for 2 weeks

One flushes for better taste and the flush “cleans” the plant (detox’s it)
(Flush time are a bit long. but all so flush 3x’s your container size within that 2 week flush period.

That being said One could harvest with at least a 5 day flush -

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