Flowering times vary?

So this is my second time growing outdoors in a green house. I have 7 gorilla glue and 5 gold leave both autos. Gorilla glue all started flowering and have been for a little over week. But the old leaf which are much heavier and fuller plants don’t show any signs of flowering, and if I remember they have the same growing schedule. Could of I possibly gotten fem.

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Possibly, but unlikely. Autos flower when they want, it’s very common to have them flower at different times, not only different strains, but the same as well.


Thanks man I’ll just keep moving. Just get a little worried we have a very short growing season.

I have 3 dreamberry and 3 amnesia autos I’m on day 42. But one of my DB started at day 24 and looks about like the pic you posted of yours that’s flowering. Another DB was a week later and the last DB is just now starting to turn. 2 of My amnesia started about the same time…day 33 my last one is just starting as well. I’ve heard of stories where it took over 100 days for the auto to start flowering. So…yes, they definitely flowering when ever they are ready.

Adding a bit more phosphorus to the feeding schedule will sometimes give them the hint.