Flowering times not matching up to strain profile

I have a blue dream and a gorilla glue going. The gorilla glue is only supposed to take 8 weeks and the blue dream 9. The problem is that the blue dream seems to be finishing up before the gorilla glue…has anyone else had this happen?

Pics preferred so we can better assist your question/s…and you shouldn’t be basing your grow cycle off of “the breeders” description as they are more for advertising purposes and not actual overall grow periods.(look at them more as “flower time” not including seedling, veg, ect.)

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Seed stats are based of perfect conditions, if you meet them that’s what you should expect

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The only bad thing about an estimate is that it isn’t exact.
I do believe that they use the average times observed for flowering when developing a strain. So whatever the blooming time is just plus or minus 2 weeks.
Also keep in mind that they have HIGHLY controlled environments and can dial in perfect conditions for each plant reducing or increasing the flowering time.

Some 12 week sativa strains take up to 16 weeks.

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Okay, that’s what I was thinking, I’m trying to get the flush times right !

Front left is gorilla glue
Front right blue dream

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They looking good :relieved: , some pictures of the buds, to see maturity

trichomes decide when to flush n harvest. each plant has it’s own time table.

Everytime I grew gorilla glue it was 12 to 13 week fliwer

It seems like my Trichromes are turning mostly milky but my buds have a while before they fill out…

Clear and milky are hard to differentiate when there stacked up

I hope you mean auto flower. I’m growing a glue photo and would be pissed

Never grew an auto… I’ve grown gg1 gg4 black gorilla sweet gorilla and gorilla master