Flowering times accuracy

I have 2 of your pineapple that are almost ready after 55 days. I’ll be able to harvest around 65 days instead of the listed 85. This is an indoor grow. thrichomes are mostly milky now and these are right on time with the blueberry and strawberry from the fruity mix pack i planted. I’m new to growing so i just was surprised to se an 85 day strain ready at 65.

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The flower times listed are average times to give you an idea of how much time to expect. Really it depends on your setup etc. ultimately the trichomes are the best indicator for when to harvest. You
Could have the same exact strain in the same exact setup and they could finish at different times. Mother Nature is funny like that.


What @Jmesser80 said :smiley: :+1:


Post some pictures

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Strawberry (had a cal mag def early in flower And it shows.in yeild)



How do they look? Today is day 57 in flower and this is my first grow ever. This past week they’ve really plumped up. Maybe another 2 weeks. Maybe the pineapple will go longer…dunno. I check trichomes each night.

Tonight i trimmed the yellowing fan leaves to max light penetration thinning the leaves out quite a bit.


Looks good to me :heart_eyes:

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I hope my first grow comes out that nice! Congrats!


Thanks gang. I tried my best. And what’s nice is it’s now legal to grow in my state in the US. This will help with sleep, pain and fun of course.


If I had one piece of advice for a new grower it is PH . Always watch your PH. Soil and water PH . Next is water. Don’t over water.


@stevel48 if you stick to what you are doing you will be fine, from reading the previous posts you do definitely have the ground work covered and are even spotting the Cal-Mag deficiency and at an early stage that is great stuff mate :+1:. This is a great place for support and advice big time :ok_hand:, your plants are looking excellent I will follow along with interest and wish you a great haverst and also, Welcome to THE ILGM family :v:️.