Flowering time?

Hello everyone, my sour d has been on 12/12 for six weeks. Last week all trichs were clear and today all are cloudy save for one or two per viewing area. I guess I’m asking is it possible for this plant to finish short of the 8-9 week flowering time? I plan on keeping an eye on her. Any thoughts, is it normal to it to cloud up and then take three or more weeks to Amber?

many things can effect flowering time so yes a plant can have weeks shaved off but they also fatten up and grow more even after trichs start to turn milky and can take week or 2 for them to start ambering thing to keep in mind flower times are an average not a rule

Thank you for your response. I appreciate the help.

Flowering time is like Parlee (sp?) … It’s more like a guideline than a rule.


Ha, just watched that couple days ago. My Super Sour Deisal went weeks after cloudy tricombs . Didn’t know when was good but read that 50 to 60% was good. Took 93 days to get to 40%, buds were all multicolored, I took 'em anyway. I found that before I had any amber I took a branch dried and cured normally . Compared to harvest early stuff had more pleasurable cough and more intense high, but the older stuff still had impressive taste the high was more body intensity. Loved the stuff. Wish I had more. Was very good for pain.

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Thank you for all replies

Glad I read this post getting impatient I’m at week 9 thinking 12 weeks would be to much growing WW 60 days flowering time ak47 64 og kush 55 planning on harvesting all at same time hairs turning brown 75% can still see few white hairs trichomes clear to milky will have to take closer look at the og kush might finish sooner hope not growing in scrog and og kush is in the back of scrog


First pic is og kush other bud is white widow

Mmm Mmm Mmm, juicy looking.

Yum, yum! Looks tasty to me.

Flower time is always missed by most novice and beginner cultivators , many growers count the first 3 weeks in seedling as vegging and the first 3 weeks after they switch the light timer from 18/6-12/12 and this could be why most flower times are seemingly extended . But when growing it’s a seedling time which is from sprout to the third node and in flower the first 3 weeks after you switch is considered pre-flower when the plant is transitioning from veg to flower , than after your the third week from transitioning is the first week of flower , hope this helps !!!


Thks Yoshi will remember this for all future grows

You remember the sequence , first switch from veg to flower -18/6 to 12/12 ? First week 12/12 , second week 12/12 , third week 13/11 , fourth week 14/10 and leave it there the rest of the flowering time , which should be 6-8 weeks from this point through out the grow .


Good info yoshi, thanks.

If you used that rule of thumb , your ending flower time will be exact .