Flowering time - WTF?

Newbie here (if you don’t count the weed I grew in a closet in Kalifornia in the late 70’s!)

Most of the seed retailers refer to Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks or 70 days, etc.

WTF are they talking about? The plant will begin to flower in 8-9 weeks/70 days? Or, it will take that amount of time from the beginning of flower til harvest time? Or, is this the seed to harvest time?
It would be great if they would give you:
Seedling Time
Vegetative Time
Flower to Harvest time
Anyway, if one of you kind souls could show me the way! Thanx in advance!

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No expert here, but my last grow went 90 days to harvest. I know it depends a lot on genetics. I had a photo period plant seeds.

65 or 70 days is pretty common for most indica dominant hybrids. Sativa takes much longer.

Here are the lifecycle steps in order:

Sprout (3 to 5 days)
Seedling (10 days to 2 weeks)
Vegetative (photos, as long as you want. Autos are on their own schedule)
Transition (from veg to flower–10 days to 2 weeks)
Flower (65 to 70 days assuming something doesn’t shut it down or it stalls)

These are all guideline times and your mileage may vary.


It would be hard to give a veg time. Everyone does it a little different. Some will veg for 4-weeks some will go a lot longer. It really depends on what your trying to do with your plants. The flower period is an estimate of how long, once you it them in flower, it will take to finish.


So, when the seed retailer states that the flowering time is 70 days + or -, they mean from beginning of flower to harvest?


70 - 90 days harvest, but that is a very loose guessitmate.


Yes, That is what they mean.


Unless your like me and Over Water, Nutrient burn the plant,Not have a clue on PH and water, Low stress train and break limbs, and assorted things like that. Then harvest could be 3 years :slight_smile:


Yes @Imaskypilot from the time to plant starts to flower till you chop it down. Not from the time you flip from 18/6 to 12 / 12 but actually when you see the plant starting to flower. And take into consideration the Breeders flower time is an estimation. Good luck


Thanx for all replies! I’ll go with from appearance of flowers to harvest.


You can always ask the seed breeder. Some mean from the change in light cycle, and some mean from the appearance of flowers. Autoflowers are sometimes described by time from sprout to finish.

It’s all for estimating anyway. Your cultivation and preferences are going to determine actual harvest date. I’d look at the trichomes under a microscope and maybe even harvest in stages.

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Play it safe, what ever you read from the breeder times, add 2 weeks at the very least.

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Yeah I’m at 14 weeks on an Auto - but the time is worth it. Watch trichomes… I’m in hydro and have been flushing 9 days now they’re fattening up and the trichomes are starting to turn. I got her along this far and now she won’t die, I just water and keep flushing and it’s growing off the nutes stored in the plant. This will be some clean smoke. :grin:


Thanx much!

A beauty!

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