Flowering time proportional to daily light intake?

Hey all. I have a question. Is there any correlation between the amount of light given daily during flowering to the amount of weeks that they actually flower for? Approaching my second harvest…15 plants the first harvest…14 this time around. All of my plants(but 1… stunted) have been ready to harvest at the exact week… and that’s from the flip. Any

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If you can give them more light, and supposedly light with more red, they will finish sooner.


I feel the same as @Covertgrower. Its all theory to me though lol

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Yes, you can give more light hours per day and get a faster harvest, need far red light (730 nm) to put plants to sleep quicker and you can run 13/11 light schedule.

I used the HLG Flowering Initiator Far Red Bulb and ran it for 7 minutes after the main lights went out. My Cherry Ice Cream clone finished in 9 weeks instead of the usual 10 weeks using this far red lamp.

Info from HLG

Under normal conditions it can take up to 2 hrs to change Phytochrome state from Pfr to Pr. Flower Initiator helps change Phytochrome state from Pfr to Pr within minutes. This helps finish the flowering cycle faster and also allows for a 13/11 cycle.


There’s 2 ways to look at this one is strain depending upon part of world it came from equatorial regions have 16 to 18 hours of light and flowering comes at 12 to 15 hours
Indica can flower with 6 to 8 hours or so I have read in parts of India
So once you figure out what you have checking things like daylight output and hours of the area they originate from now you can compare your grow room
Daylight where I’m at in summer I have measured 110000 lux in my field on a 90 degree day
Red a green light are the only spectrums that penetrate through the leaf
This should give you starting points to play with your setup
Cannabis insider has a good podcast about this and DJ shorts book explains this in great detail
Hope this helps you a little bit

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Using HLGs far red bulb for 5 minutes before lights out to ten minutes after my last grow of GSCE, BH, & God Father OG my last grow from the flip to harvest at mostly cloudy with a few amber tricomes was 6 full weeks.

Great pic of natural far red took this evening:


Nice, yeah the HLG far red delivers on the quicker time to harvest.

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