Flowering time Grand Daddy Purp Auto

When it says the plants flower for 70 days, am I to assume the 70 days starts after the plant actually shows flower. Trying to figure out if the overall start to finish time is it actually 12 weeks from seed to harvest?! 41 days today IMG_20211102_111253|375x500


Count the days when it started flowering.

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My ILGM Granddaddy Purple Autoflowers went 93-115 days, seed to harvest. Just to give ya an idea of total time. Plants look good!


The others have you covered. As @CooterJuice said, I grew 4 skittlez at the same time, all sprouted together. Harvest time was 11 weeks on 1 12 on 2 and the last one went almost 14 weeks. I did it intentionally to get more amber and some couch lock🤟 They look nice and healthy. I start checking Trichomes when my pistils start turning brown and receding back into the bud.


@ CotterJuice
Love that name Cooter Juice I could go so many places with that. Can’t wait to go to coffee club this morning try it out on the boys and our female bar tender.

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Thanks man!!! :beers:

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My ilgm GDP auto went for just over 9 weeks from time I seen pistils pop up on a few areas I do believe it could have gone a bit longer as I like the couch lock feel but it has a perfect high right now. Not too lazy but not too energetic makes me feel like creative like I wanna do something

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Oh man so these things are gonna be big. That means I have at least 70 days left. Sweet.

I’m a fan of some good couch lock especially as we head into winter. I’ll harvest sooner if it’s spring or summer weed. No time for couch lock then .lol

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