Flowering time gor Auto Flowering


This is my first time growing Auto’s , tough at first but now the are in flowering Stage . My question is how many days or weeks until harvest. Is it the same as Feminized , looking for more Amber , they are 21 days into flowering , I do see some amber but not much . I’ll post a picture or 2 , hopefully this will help a more experienced eye



What strain is it? Flowering time doesn’t vary much from a photo plant. Usually 7-10 weeks for autos


@MBgrower, I am in same boat as far as timing goes. I have found that the flowering period for my Lowryder is going to be on the higher end. I am at 6 weeks with a flowering time of 6-9 weeks and still going strong. From here on out, I am going to start relying on the girls to let me know when they are ready, I still have a lot of white hairs coming in and my trichs are mostly clear still so I am figuring I have a min 2 weeks left.

You could also do what I did and cut off a small nug and dry 24 hours, smoked today and it was glorious but and I’m gonna let her go for another 2 weeks.


@anon95385719. They are all White Widow Auto and they are at 21 days into flowering, so that’s 3 weeks , thst means I should have about 7 more weeks. When they started flowering I found them very small but they have grown so much since entering flower stage , Hum… I wonder how big they are going to ne when harvest.

I do have another question ? I wanted to try and split the stem on one of them , to see the difference - so many people on this forum swear bu this procedure , My question is can I split an Auto’s s Stem
Thank you for your time


@Justingrown. Do you know of sny links or articles thst are about Auto’s. I had a lot of trouble with them in the beginning , had alot of questions and needed alot of help , I Thank everyone in this Forum , I haven’t met a jerk yet , but I wish I had some kind of base to start from - example - I didn’t know that they should be started in their forever homes , not to use Solo Cups , which of course I did , I cut the bottom of the cup and planted it in the container , about 2 weeks later I cut the whole cup and removed it , even with that much care , they kept stalling . So Id like to do some reading on the Strain

THANK YOU again gor your time and intrest



Yep, slept it just like a photo plant


Autos can b finicky. As a newer grower I would tell u to stress them as little as possible. Many experienced growers stress the hell out of them and get good results but u really need some experience to read the plants if u do.

I don’t have any links but u r welcome to ask anything and as many things. Just tag me and if I can answer I will if not I usually know someone who can


In my experience they will finish in most case 8-10 weeks
But i still monitor my tricombes and take them when they are finished even if it longer then above times
The will be done when done lol
Daily checks are a good idea when close to harvest they can change over fast


@Justgrown - Thank you so much , I wicked appreciate your concern and willingness to help me. YOUR AWESOME



Hi @Countryboyjvd1971 & @Justgrown I do have a question about the Auto’s , Id like to try splitting the stem , I would like to experiment with one , can this be done to an Auto or just Feminized ?

Thank You


You can slip an auto, I did on all my wwa


I split all my stems about 5-7 days before harvest. Autos and photos alike.


@anon95385719 - This will my first attempt at this , Can you please read this and tell me if Im on the right track. The split is at the base of the stem , about 2 inches , I should use a sharp knife and put plastic pull tags at the start and end of the cut and I should wedge something in the split to keep it open. Now my biggest question is worth it , can you tell difference between the BUDS from it being split from it not??
Again Thank You gor taking the time to read and reply back ony Silly questions. I wish there was a link or article I can read about Aut0



@anon95385719 google auto flower network. Website is about autos only. Good place for some research


I don’t use a knife. I use a drill bit whatever size leaves a hole 3/4 the circumference of the stalk. It’s much safer to me and u don’t need anything in the hole Bc it’s not gonna heal with a big hole in it.

It’s for so many reasons. It also lessens the uptake into the plant so your flush is more effective. The plant will produce more resins to protect itself.

It sure doesn’t hurt them so why not give it a try. Your harvesting anyway so …


@Plowboy Thank You so mucj , so mice to meet you , Thank yoy for your kindnesss , Everyone so willing to shars there knowledge & experience. Thank you so MUCH…