Flowering time? and will pots restrict growth?

A question from a fellow grower;

I have a question, my 4 afghani kush plants are 18"+ under 400w MH and 36w blue LED for the lower branches in 1gal fabric smartpots.
There are lots of small side branches.
A. Is it time to move to flowering (400w HPS)?
B. Will my pots restrict the growth? Can I compensate with more frequent feedings in soil?

Im not 100% sure but…

I think that it doesn’t matter when you go into flowering as the plant will just continue growing if it isn’t ready to flower yet. I’ve seen 1 week old clones go into flower (they grow until a certain height and then start flowering) and I’ve seen 4 month old plants go into flower. It just depends how much flowers you want. Keep it in veg longer so that it develops more branches and a thicker stem. This will make it able to carry more and bigger buds or put it into flower now and it will still produce, but not as much.

Pots will definitely restrict growth but I’m not sure how to calculate or check if you need a transplant. You could stick your fingers into the soil to check how big the root ball is. If the pot is packed, I would transplant into something bigger, veg for a few days so the plant can calm down because of the stress, then flower. You could probably feed more, but growth will still be restricted, a plant grows upward (leaves) and downward (roots)…if the roots can’t expand, then the canopy won’t expand either.

Thanks for your help. The girls are growing nicely. I’ve already got clones, so I’ll give them another week or so, then switch over

It depends on what size pots you are using. If you are in 1 gallon pots; Yes, they will be restricted and finish faster. If you mean 5 gallon pots; NO, you should have no root bound issue at all.

Flowering is generally done anywhere from 4-8 weeks after you start veg cycle. Sometimes plants are flowered due to lack of head room in grow area. This is all up to you. 18" high will make a nice 3’+ plant :slight_smile:

Hi ilgm. I am doing my first grow off chronic ryder.
Its 5 weeks tday started flowering week4. Its 23cm tall and ov still growing thy av been growing a 7 leave system. I am only using a cfl×2 bulbs fr 1 plant.
Heres my Q. It should b no taller thn 50-65cm and grow 40 to 65grms. Does it sound as its on track. Had no probs yet. Lovelly green leaves. Cpl r dried at long middle leave at tip. And its flowering out off 3 nudes now n thrs about 10? Thnks

Be patient. Plant looks a bit stretched, and spindly, but you should get some good buds off of it in the end. :slight_smile:

Thnks m8. Is thr anything i can do to hlp get more yield or do a just av to run with ut as an auto? N wht would av caused this im feeding verve fizzy ferts pnk fr veg n ionic bloom n boost fr flowering with boost at last 3weeks. N thnks fr advice

Best way to get more yield is to have more intense lighting.

No one has mentioned reducing the light hours of light to induce flowering. That is what I have heard from many sources and Hydroponic stores in my area. I am just starting and don’t know first hand. What do you think?

My light cycle is 18 hrs during the veg stage ad they say to reduce it to 12 hrs for flowering.

How you can tell when it is time to change to the flowering phase?

Please try to stay on topic.
Your posts have nothing to do with this topic. No one asked for the different photo periods in the grow, or bloom cycle. Peace :slight_smile: