Flowering strech

How long time wise is the flowering stretch round about i know it varies and whatnot @Dexterado @Spiney_norman @CurrDogg420

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Two weeks .Sometimes a little longer, but the most is first two weeks.


not to disrespect @Spiney_norman but my normal is 6-7 weeks of flower stretch in DWC with the last couple weeks just sitting there getting fat…this is based on normal 10 week photos


Is it the same for soil grows?

From flip of timer?

I was never a serious soil grower so I cannot really say how much stretch I ever got and I think stretch has a lot to do with what ever training technique you are working

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Exactly what spiney Norman said. It really slows down after the first two weeks, but will get a little bit taller as the buds develop. Pretty much stops after 3 weeks.


I can only speak from what I get.
As Dexterado said, they do keep stretching after the two week assault, but not as fast.
No Offense taken @Retiredoldguy , I am just another idiot on the bus.


@Spiney_norman both of us

that is why I said no disrespect…every person grows differently and has different outcomes…spice of life that this beautiful plant can be grown so many different ways to suit all of us and our craziness… :cowboy_hat_face:


:point_up_2: I resemble that remark :joy::love_you_gesture:


Yeah its a really subjective question, the buds are getting larger the whole time, what part do you even consider “the stretch”? I’m sure Indica and Sativa will seem different for example.

NYC diesel,
Oct 3

Oct 8

Oct 17

Oct 26

Nov 4

Nov 12

Dec 2


the start of flower

the end of flower


Im talking incehes per day growth. Im tucking like a mad man

This plant went from this at flip, to this today. Now if I could only get the foxtailing under control.


@Dexterado yea you stressed her somehow usually for foxtails but it can also be genetic…nothing I know of to stop it

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At a minimum plant could double in size from pre-flower to harvest.

I bought an hlg 350r and started using it Wednesday at full power. I turned it down, and raised it up. Learning curve. It kind of started with the cmh 315 I was using, so I don’t know. Using organic dry nutes this time too, so that may be it.

@Dexterado oh yea a hot light will stress her easily

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Raising the light will cause the plant to stretch. I’ve found, that if I turn the intensity down and lower the light 18”-24”. I can reduce the stretch. It will happen regardless. But good LST, mainlining, knowing your genetics, and an even canopy going into flower will help you be able to adjust.


@Duh-BanjoPicker Well said!