Flowering start how to tell


exactly when in the change from vege to flower cycle, would be considered the start of flowering ? when pistils appear or when a button forms. I ask because I may have my floer start time off by a couple of weeks depending on the answers I get here. Thanks in advance.


When you see your first pistils is when you can start the flowering count.


can you see the color of the trichomes, though. Thanks.


I can’t see the trichomes on those pics.


is it possible I could have delayed the flowering cycle by turning lights on in the dark cycle. I was checking them every night for temp and air flow. I would turn lights on to do so. I haven’t done that in a week and have noticed a spurt in bud growth. Thanks.


No lights except a flashlight during flower. Especially once they show pistils. You can cause some strains to herm really easy with any light except a headlight or flashlight.


Your taking a big chane there my friend. If your plants are in the dark for the night why would you want to take a rick of having them turn hermie on ya. If the lights are off leave them off.
I really don’t want you to post, My girl’s have balls what happened. ok


If your looking at your girls in the dark you better use a green headlamp cause the plants dont notice the green light if you dont your girls will have balls no flashlight


Thanks for that info


Lol, thanks for that info. Girls haven’t come out of the closet yet.