Flowering stall?

Good Day

I’m a new grower. I started two plants in a grow tent in May but had to move them outside in August as they outgrew my tent. At the same time I had two other plants growing in an outdoor garden.

The grow tent plants and the garden start plants both seem to have stalled but I’m not sure if that is a real term. The attached pictures are from a week ago and the plants have looked pretty much like this for the last three weeks and look essentially the same now.

The weather in my area in August has definitely taken a turn for cooler days and nights (highs in the 70s lows in the 50s). Is it possible for plants to stall in the flowering stage?

If so will they still complete their bloom but just take longer or is this as much as I’m going to get. And if so can I still harvest them? First two pictures are from a week ago. The next three are from today.

One other note. The cannabis fragrance was strongest last week or even the week before. Now it is very light.


Theres plenty of time left in the year I wouldn’t expect to harvest outdoor till at least mid to late October just leave it and be patient


The early flower stretch is done and they don’t want to get taller. Now, they are focusing their energy an making the flowers bigger, in the next few weeks you’re going to be dazzled by how big your buds get. Don’t give up now, the best part is right around the corner.


Basically the vertical growth is done, their focusing the energy on bud developmet :love_you_gesture: