Flowering stage - the 12/12 hps stage

what is going on chemically in the plant during dark time?

do plants “rest”? an odd thought anyway
i presume capillary water up is going on … but why / what is making these comas … btw doing quite well — roberts gold 60/40 ind/sat

had to cut veg to 4w as space is … lights cant go higher - bonsai time

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Are you stoned and just curious or are you serious? Like as in sugars being produced when photosynthesis stops is rest!!! Some of your message was kinda stoned like vague. ?? Cut veg to 4 watts? I’m totally on your side I mean no disrespect I’m baked … LoL

I’m baked…lol cut to 4 weeks for lights can’t go any higher… I got ya… that sux how low of a space ya got

yh 4 weeks - plant is still a monster ---- and duh - photo stops - making sugars

all good - im straight-ish now - and i dont think in normal ways - explaining myself got old yrs ago

Try cutting your lights back to 10/14 or, 11/13 when you start flowering it cuts the stretching time down a little and let’s you grow a slightly bigger plants in limited space

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Do you LST at all… bend and tie at all…

i call it bonsai time – the wires / bending etc

Try wrapping some 1mm diameter copper wire around the stems then gently bending the stems to suit.
Old Bonsai technique.

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