Flowering stage problem in auto

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My question is about my sour diesel stain one plant she is 4’ ft tall but she is in week 7 from seedling stage so she just in pre flowering stage went I have other one that she is with bud same age any advise about that thanks you

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Autos do their own thing. Flower on their own timeline. That’s why they’re said to be like herding cats.


@BobbyDigital I ask cuz I read and look the more that auto do is 10week some until week 12 but from what I seed she have 5 o 6 week

None of my autos have gone less than 16 weeks.


@BobbyDigital wooow 16 weeks just to cut you plants for a auto is like a photo

Week 7

Week 7 to


I have left growing autos but I can see a couple reasons to grow them.
If I want to start something early inside and set it outside in the spring and harvest it before October then an auto is perfect.
That is if it does what its supposed to.
Or I have photos in the tent and have space to grow another plant. Pop an auto in there and let it do its thing under the remaining12/12 schedule and into the next 18/6 when I place the next photos.
But overall I found out what everyone was trying to tell me, autos are unpredictable. Dwarf and giant from the same packet. Or starts flowering at 3 weeks or 3 months.


They have been for me. That’s why I stopped growing them. They were taking just as long as the photos and I couldn’t get a good phenotype out of them.


I buy autos cuz how I was seed they was small and in 75 days you cut you plants but I see all seed re different and do they mother nature went they want cuz you see two plants same time just one day of different from seedling and they re two different side and two different way to flowering

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I bought them in hopes to harvest in between photos but it didn’t work out that way