Flowering stage not going well

She’s stressed, I’m stressed lol

Temp has been impossible to keep under 84-85 during the last few days. Waiting for my mini AC to come in now. She was already showing mineral deficiencies and I think it’s just made it worse.

Gave full strength nutes and extra calmag.

1802 ppm in

1945pp. Out


pH out?

It looks under watered. Probably the heat is causing it to dry out faster. You’ll want to get that sorted, it’s going to throw everything else off.


Well shit…I didn’t know I was supposed to pH the runoff. I also had to use baking soda to bring up the pH. Grow store was out of both so that’s also on order.

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Hi i have the same sort of problem with heat my temps get up around 28-32 degrees Celsius all i do is i open my tent up and let the aircon cool it down i know u dont have a aircon at the point in time but if you have a pedestal fan you can have a fan blowing air into ur tent and you may have up its water intake i water my plants twice a day they get three to four ltrs twice a day

Have a link for that. Would like to check it out.

Higher temps 80-90 wont killem. Just dry them out. My big tent can get to 90 at times with all lights going. I try to stay 80-85. I watch water closer.

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I wouldn’t be worried about heat at all right now. I mean you should attempt to lower, but I wouldn’t go much higher than 85°

I’d be concerned about the ppms you are putting in. Are you on 500 scale or 700 scale for tracking numbers?

If the ppms going out are higher than you are putting in you should be skipping feeds until those numbers drop below what you put in. Also tracking pH out, although not the most accurate can help narrow down problems in the future should you come across any.


@Low I’ll be honest and have no idea that I was supposed to be using it on a scale. This is my very first girl ever and I just bought all the things everyone told me I needed. If it’s on a 5 or 700 scale then clearly I’m way out of the ballpark. I’ve been feeding at half or quarter strength only since flowering begin 3 weeks ago. I’m in Fox farms Happy frog soil and using advanced Nutrients pH perfect micro bloom grow. I seemed odd to me that the reading would be higher after. Clearly I need to do some research today on ppm. Thank you for the info.

@DRsDank HIFRESH 3-In-1 Portable Air Conditioner, 360°Rotation Personal Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier, 9" Table Fan w/3 Speeds, USB Rechargeable Desktop Cooling Fan, Quiet Bedside Fan for Bedroom,Dorm,Travel https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MS5XMCF/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_A5WRH1ZZKYDAJ8WNBWA7?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

It’s really small and kind of cheesy that you have to add the ice cubes but I don’t really want to spend upwards of $200 to $300 on an AC until I have a few plants going. This is my first grow and I only have one gg4. Got some decent reviews so I figure for the price I’ll roll the dice. I read somewhere that gg4s are known to go hermaphroditic if they get too stressed so that’s the reason for me willing to try anything at this point.

@Aussie_autos was it you that had the tea recipe posted? The one with the banana peels and some other stuff? I saw it mentioned in the form somewhere and have saved my banana peels since then but I can’t find it again. Also how do you feel about molasses? And how do you use it?


Just an FYI that these mini-ACs don’t really work. The tent gets so hot that it melts the cubes in the tiny AC, which renders it useless.

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Can only link to amazon. I bought this Midea 4 in 1 last June.

Midea 10,000 BTU (13,500 BTU ASHRAE) 115V Smart Portable Air Conditioner with Heat & ComfortSense Remote, Black

Manufacturer Part Number MAP10HS1WBL

Ordered from Walmart

Does a good job cooling the space, dehumidifies well and adds heat when I need it.


Most of the time less is better , Plant in early flower stage I’m thinking more like 900 to 1000 PPM in. Water in with PH water at 6.5 a couple times in a row an see if she don’t start looking better. :v::+1:


I would trim all of the undergrowth to get more air flow and it will take care of your problems


Be aware that portable air conditioners exhaust far more heat than they remove. The exhaust must be vented outside of the grow space.


@DRsDank @MidwestGuy is correct. It needs to be exhausted outside the conditioned space. I have it going into the garage.

This was taken today. Heat set at 62

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Hi Never_Legendary yes i do have a banana tea recipe get ur self a ten or 20 ltr bucket fill with water get ur self a mesh bag or stocking to put the banana pieces in ,Now what you want to do is cut up the banana peels into smaller pieces place in to the mesh bag or stocking place into the bucket and add two tablespoons of molasses desolved in warm water and bubble it for 24 hours and then before u use it add ten mls of fish shit and stir it then water ur plants u shouldnt need to water it down as i dont and there is another way i do it aswell its the same with the banana peels but this one u add cucumber skins to it and u do the exact same thing as you would for the first tea recipe


Also if you want to make a potassium and phosphorus fertilizer concentrate you would get five whole bananas and one cucumber you cut up the bananas and the cucumber and u weigh them together then put into a bowl then u weigh out the same weight in brown sugar then u put the sugar into the bowl mix it really good with ur hands until it becomes soft and mushie then put it into a big jar or you can split it between two jars put a coffee filter over the tops of the jars using a rubber band to hold the filters in place now place the jar or jars into a warm dark place for two weeks once it is done grab a bowl and a strainer and strain off the liquid and put the liquid into a jar and put it into the refrigerator when u go to use this u want to mix three tablespoons to five ltrs of water


@Never_Legendary, if you can pull in cool air from outside, that may work out better for you, especially if you run your lights on at night. One of those window adapters for a portable AC unit would make a very discreet inlet if you can’t go through a wall.

Return that mini AC and get yourself an AC Infinity duct fan with a controller, then use it as your intake. I bet you could dial in a perfect temp right now. You’ll get a little boost in CO2 as well from that fresh air.


@CurrDogg420 Well said my old friend as currdog said fresh air flow at night has higher CO2 than at day time


@Reed71 , so great to see you my friend!!! :handshake: I had the idea about the fresh air because of your setup. :+1:

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